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Universities & Research Inst. classroom, UIUC, USA

MontyHall, San Diego State University, USA Sci. & Tech. Associations

        Professional Associations professionals, UIUC, USA

CEN logo Standards Organizations  

              Hardware & Software Larson Davis instruments, USA

acoufoam, Illbruck Noise Control Materials  

Universities & Research Institutions

Acoustics Department - Penn State University, USA
Ando Lab - Kobe University, Japan
CAV Center for Acoustics and Vibration - Penn State University, USA
CERIB, Epernon, France
CIDB, Paris, France
CIRIAF - University of Perugia, Italy
CSTB, Grenoble, France
DETEC - University of Napoli, Italy
DIENCA - University of Bologna, Italy
Engineering Department - University of Ferrara, Italy
Ermes Ambiente, Bologna, Italy
European Environment Agency, Europe
G.A.U.S. University of Sherbrooke, Canada
IA-CSIC Instituto de Acustica, Madrid, Spain
IBP Institut für Bauphysik-Fraunhofer, Stuttgart, Germany
IDAC-CNR Istituto di Acustica O.M.Corbino, Roma, Italy
IEN Galileo Ferraris, Torino, Italy
IMAMOTER, Ferrara, Italy
IRCAM, Paris, France
ISPESL Istituto Superiore per la Prevenzione e Sicurezza del Lavoro, Roma, Italy
ISVR Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton, UK
LCPC Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, France
LVA Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique, Lyon, France
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA
Physics Department - University of Oldenburg, Germany
School of Acoustics - University of Ferrara, Italy
State Research Center N. N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute, RUSSIA
Telford Institute of Acoustics - University of Salford, UK
TRL Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, UK
University of Salford - Acoustics and Video Group, UK
VAL - Virgina Polythecnic Institute and State University, USA

Scientific & Technical Associations

AIA Italian Acoustical Association, Italy
AIA-GAA Environmental Acoustics Group of AIA, Italy
AES Audio Engineering Society, USA
ASA Acoustical Society of America, USA
ASJ Acoustical Society of Japan, Japan
DEGA Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik, Germany
EAA European Acoustics Association
FIA Iberoamerican Federation of Acoustics
ICA International Commission on Acoustics
IIAV International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
IOA Institute of Acoustics, UK
NAS Acoustical Society of Norway, Norway
NZA New Zealand Acoustical Society, NZ
ÖAL Österreichische Arbeitsring für Lärmbekämpfung, Austria
SEA - Sociedad Española de Acústica, Spain
SFA Société Française d'Acoustique, France
TADITAS Turkish Acoustical Society, Turkey

  Professional Associations

Assoacustici, Italy
CIADI, Italy
INCE Institute of Noise Control Engineering, USA
I-INCE International INCE

Standards Organizations

AFNOR, France
CEI, Italy
DIN, Germany
UNI, Italy

    Hardware & Software

01dB-Stell, France
01dB Italia, Italy
Brüel & Kjær, Denmark
CATT Program Home Page, Sweden
CEL Instruments, UK
CESVA Acoustic Instruments, Spain
Creative, USA
ESI Group, USA
Hewlett-Packard, USA
Lake DSP, Australia
Larson Davis, USA
LMS International, Belgium
MAIND, Italy
Microflown, The Netherlands
National Instruments, USA
Norsonic, Norway
NXT Flat Panel Loudspeaker Technology, UK
ODEON Program Home Page, Denmark
Ono Sokki, Japan
Orione di Bistulfi, Italy
OROS, France
Ramsete Program Home Page, Italy
Raynoise Program Italian Page, Italy
RION, Japan
Samson Technologies Corporation, USA
SCS Controlli e Sistemi, Italy
Sound Technology, USA
Syntrillium Software Corporation --> Adobe, USA

Noise Control Materials & Elements; Consultants

Acoustics First!, USA
Acoustic Systems, USA
Audiotec, Spain
Betonform, Italy
Cardin, Italy
CIR Ambiente, Italy
dBLab, Italy
Eurosilent, Italy
Fergallo - Industrial Noise Control, Italy
Geo Ecostrutture, Italy
HGC Acoustical Engineering, Canada
IAC Stopson Italiana, Italy
Illbruck-SONEX Industrial Acoustic Products, USA
Industrial Noise Control, USA
International Cellulose Corporation, USA
Laterlite, Italy
Matis, Italy
Metalmeccanica Fracasso, Italy
Paver, Italy
Rocar, Italy
RPG Diffusor Systems, USA
Schuco, Germany
Saico, Italy
SoundSorb, USA
Steti Vebair, Italy
Tubosider, Italy


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