Alessandro Cocchi

Professor Emeritus at Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna

Phone: +39 051 2093285
Fax: +39 051 2093296


Born in Casalecchio di Reno on March, 12th 1936, received a Laureadegree in Chemical Engineering in 1959, then a Laurea degree in Pharmacology in 1963 from the University of Bologna. Enrolled in the Roster of the Engineers and of the Pharmacologists of Bologna since 1960 and 1964, respectively.


He has been working with the University of Bologna since August, 1st 1962, teaching the following courses:

HVAC Systems for Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, 1963/64;

Fisica Tecnica (Heat Transfer), School of Industrial Chemistry, from 1964/65 to 1967/68;

Fisica Tecnica (Heat Transfer), School of Engineering, from 1968/69 to 1969/70.

Since November, 1st 1970 has been holding the chair of Fisica Tecnica (Heat Transfer) at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Since 1985/86 to 1992/93 has been teaching Applied Acoustics and Lighting at the same University.

Since 1992/93 has been teaching Environmental Control Techniques at the same University.

Since 2002/03 has been teaching HVAC Systems at the same University.

Since 1987/88 haas been teaching HVAC Systems for Hospitals for the post-graduate school in Biomedical Technologies of the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna.

Since 2006/07 has been director of the course of higher education for Competent Technician in Acoustics at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Since 2007/08 has been director of the course of higher education on Energy in Buildings at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna.


He has done researches in the following fields: 2nd principle of thermodynamics, newtonian and non-newtonian fluid-dynamics (also in presence of sound fields), forced heat convection and experimental determination of convective heat transfer coefficients, architectural acoustics (with experimental measurements), noise pollution at workplace and in houses, lighting, energetics and HVAC systems.

For these researches activities received several invitation to national and international congresses, such as special sessions at ICA '92 (Beijing, China) and ICA/ASA '98 (Seattle, USA). See for example the Internet version of the ICA/ASA '98 paper: Boxes and sound quality in an Italian opera house .

Author of more than 300 scientifical papers and of 8 didactical books.

Responsible without interruption of theoretical and experimental researches funded by C.N.R. (National Committee for Researches) from 1970 until now. Italian responsible of bilateral research programs on acoustic and thermal comfort and air quality. Coordinator of researches funded by M.U.R.S.T. (Italian Ministry for University and Technological Research).


Former President of the Acoustics commission of UNI (Italian Standardisation Organisation), former convenor of a C.E.N. (European Standardisation Committee) working group, and former expert of some I.S.O. (International Standardisation Organisation) working groups.

Former President and Secretary of the Emilia-Romagna section of the Italian Thermotechnical Association (A.T.I.). For 6 years Secretary and Treasurer of (A.T.I.). Former President of the Italian Acoustics Association (A.I.A.). Former vice-President of the Italian Association of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (A.I.C.A.R.R.).

Member of the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (A.S.H.R.A.E.), of the American Society of Acoustics (A.S.A.), of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I.N.C.E.) and of the International Solar Energy Society (I.S.E.S.).

He has ben member of the Integrated Regional Committee for the Atmospheric Pollution; member of the Commission for the Environmental Impact Statement and of the Commission on Airport Noise Control, both of the Ministry of the Environment. He is consultant of the City of Bologna for traffic, airport and high speed railways noise control.

Organiser of A.T.I. Congress 1968, 2nd Int. Heat Pipe Conference 1976, A.I.A. Congresses 1985 and 1995, AICB International Congress 1995. Member of the scientific committee of national and international congresses (6 years for the A.T.I. Congress).

As a professional, is a consultant in acoustics (theatres, conference halls, sport palaces, indoor and outdoor noise control, noise barriers, environmental impact statement, etc.) and thermal plants (plants designing, direction of works, controls, etc).